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“I know what it's like to be a marketer selling a concept internally. Sometimes, your team just needs to hear it from someone else to believe it.” 

- Danielle Gray 


education sessions

Clear strategies, humor and high energy included.


With relatability and humor, Danielle Gray brings genuine energy and clear strategies to her audience to help them become better professionals for their company. If you're looking for a boring presentation with no smiles, Danielle is not for you.

Here's a list of our most popular sessions:

Confessions of a Content Whisperer: Cracking the Code to Extracting Content from Technical Experts 

60 - 90 minutes


Marketers constantly juggle proposals, presentation development, external marketing campaigns and whatever else their team throws at them. However, marketers must rely on our technical experts for input in order to get these tasks done. There hasn’t been much insight into how to actually extract that content from a technical team...until now. This extraction (sometimes referred to as pulling teeth) has easily become one of marketing’s toughest challenges. If you’ve heard, “I’m too busy,” “I don’t know what to write about” or “Why can’t you do it?” when asking for content from your team, this session is for you. This session equips marketers with tools to get content from their technical team that help complete proposals, project data sheets, blogs, case studies, papers and all other content marketing pieces. 


We’ll discuss how to gain leadership buy-in, working with specific internal personas and five methods marketers can use to extract quality content from their team. In a world of continuous proposals, marketers really don’t have time to beg for content and they shouldn’t have to.

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The Four (and a Half) Steps to Unlocking Passion and Overcoming Mediocrity


45 - 60 minutes

I constantly get compliments on the depth of my passion for life and work. Apparently it’s rare, but it shouldn’t be. Everyone should radiate passion. After really assessing why and how I ooze with such passion, I’m ready to share. So, here it is, the keynote I’ve been promising. 


Content Marketing 101

45 - 60 minutes

In order to seriously move forward with a content marketing strategy, your key stakeholders must first understand why it is so necessary today. We highlight the differences in decision making decisions now that business professionals turn to search engine results for solutions. This session is usually delivered internally to leadership to receive buy-in to new marketing tactics.

Content Generation Workshop (for technical experts)

Up to 2 hours

Subject matter experts are often busy and/or intimidated by having to write content on their own. This workshop brings your marketing team and technical team together to brainstorm topic ideas for blogs, case studies and webinars that could last an entire year. This session is exclusively delivered internally and should definitely be delivered when serving lunch. People like to eat!

5 Steps to Yes: Getting Leadership to Buy-In to your Content Marketing Strategy 

60 - 90 minutes

Does your leadership believe content marketing is synonymous with social media? Do they need an exact number of leads your blog will generate before its published? If so, you are one of many marketers struggling with getting genuine buy-in from their executive leadership team. In this session, we outline five steps marketers can take to get their digital marketing plan approved. We will discuss the importance of training leadership, developing strategy, gathering champions, collecting data and presenting effectively.

Optimizing LinkedIn with Little to No Budget 

60 - 90 minutes

LinkedIn is easily one of the most powerful networking tools we have access to in today's fast-paced business environment. Although it's powerful, it shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg to reap its benefits. In this session, we highlight several ways you can optimize LinkedIn to generate sales qualified leads.

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